Sensorial makeup products that need to be on your radar

The beauty industry is starting to reflect the experimental creativity and the enjoyment that many Gen Z feel, when it comes to trying new beauty trends, likening them to delicious foods such as the strawberry girl makeup, latte-girl makeup, cinnamon cookie butter hair and glazed doughnut nails.

Cosmetic Design Europe says,” competition in the beauty industry grows by the day, but one way that businesses can guarantee an element of differentiation is by creating products that meet people’s love

The best lightweight moisturisers for glowy skin

Tulips, daffodils and cherry blossom trees have sprung, the days are getting longer, the weather is now double digit degrees, and the shedding of extra layers have begun – spring is here. Which means that summer is practically around the corner!

Every season we change our outfits to suit the weather, it’s only right that we change our skincare routine. It’s time to swap the heavy moisturiser and choose a lightweight moisturiser that is suitable for you.

MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin E moisturiser has an

The ultimate guide to perfect slicked brows

Soap brows, feather brows, laminated brows, the list of perfecting our brows is endless. Thanks to model Cara Delevingne for influenced the popularity for fluffy and thick eyebrows, especially to teenage girls and young women to putting the tweezers down and embracing their eyebrows at its fullest. Thus, ending the 90s to early 00s thin eyebrows and over plucking era.

Yes, the well known saying is eyes are the keys to your soul, but why not eyebrows too? The art of eyebrow maintenance has alway

2014 called:It’s the return of messy eyeshadow and smudgy eyeliner

An ode to Skins Effy Stonem, the revival of messy eyeshadow and smudgy eyeliner have made its appearance this year, and I think it’s here to stay. This metallic silver eyeshadow and purposefully messy eyeliner is a stark contrast to the “clean girl” aesthetic that dominated 2023, which focused on enhancing our natural beauty with dewy and glowy skin, and wearing minimal makeup with the purpose of achieving skin that still looks like skin. And, with the likes of IT girls Sofia Richie Grainge and

Missing the sunshine? Here’s 5 beauty products that will maintain your summer glow

This dreary weather has me daydreaming about summer, the warmer climate and not having to pack my bulky umbrella in my handbag, as the weather app is so painfully unreliable.

If you’re like me, yearning for a summer tan and looking at holiday destinations to put in your Pinterest folder named “travel inspo”,as a form of visual manifestations – here are 5 beauty products that will help you achieve a dutiful summer glow!

NIP+FAB’s exfoliating brightening pads should be in your beauty routine, if

Beauty products that are in my basket

It’s always this time of year where I want to upgrade myself and my life, and that’s usually when I start to buy new products, new clothes and start to discipline myself by implementing healthy habits in my routine.

I’ve been waiting to try these beauty products for awhile and I can’t wait to try them!

Like everyone else I’ve been influenced by the stunning visuals and marketing from rhode skincare. I’m making space for raspberry jelly and ribbon in my makeup bag!

I’ve been lacking in the eye

Could the Rabanne x H&M collaboration revive high street fashion?

Highstreet brand H&M has been the fashion underdog of the year, as they did a collaboration with Mugler earlier this spring, the H&M x Mugler collaboration showcased the favoured mesh-panelled bodysuit, sculpted cocktail dress, leather trench coat, and plenty more fashion pieces. The Rabanne x H&M collaboration is circulating on TikTok and making headlines, this heavily anticipated collection will launch on November 9th in-store and online – set your alarm!

The Rabanne x H&M collaboration will

And just like that… it’s like clutch bags never left

Picture this, Carrie Bradshaw swiftly making her way through the busy streets on the Upper East Side with a gorgeous designer clutch bag in tow. Early 2000s to mid-2010s popular fashion items are making a comeback, it’s interesting to see in a nostalgic-type-of-way but it’s a reminder that I’m getting old, yikes!

Fashion stylist Melissa Holdbrook-Akpose, posted on her Instagram story of stunning clutch bags, and in a classic #MelMadeMeDoIt fashion, her followers were influenced and the need for

LOEWE SS24 Womenswear collection is making waves

In an alternate universe I’m attending Paris Fashion Week and rubbing shoulders with socialites and fashion icons. However, I’m a commoner so I watched the LOEWE womenswear collection on Instagram live (it’s also on their website ICYMI), and props to LOEWE for making fashion shows accessible!

Actress and Global Brand Ambassador Taylor Russell arrived looking beautiful as always wearing this metal oversized coat – it’s giving tin man couture and I love it.

Comedian and Writer Ziwe, Emily Ratajk

Shoes that are running laps in my mind

I’ve always had a fascination with shoes, maybe it’s because my mum taught me the importance of taking care of your shoes, and taught me how polish my Clarks brogues just right so that they’d look like an effortless yet obviously polished look – she wanted me to take pride in my polished shoes. And so, every school evening I shined my shoes until they were perfect in my eyes, for the following morning.

There’s a possibility that’s the reason why I really love shoes, especially trainers and my p

Fashion items that have awoken me from my slumber

Lately, I’ve been slightly so uninspired by clothing recently, especially in store and online it’s become such a chore. I’m an easy person to please so what’s going on!?

Scrolling mindlessly on Instagram I saw the most dreamiest bag (it was the Coperni CD Bag btw) that revived me. So here’s a list of my favourite fashion items as of late that are either currently on my Wishlist or my Pinterest board and I definitely have no business thinking about them.

It’s undetermined when this bag will be

6 Black-Owned Restaurants To Try In London —

The last summer days are officially over, and the London heatwave is in our rearview mirror, which means the golden hues of autumn leaves are about to scatter our pavements and then it’s practically Christmas!

If you’re looking to expand your cuisine choices, and want to explore Afro/Caribbean restaurants in London, here are 6 Black-owned restaurants to visit in these upcoming months - you won’t regret it!

Located in Camden and opened since 2007, Guanabana Restaurant serves a flavourful hybri


Looking for some fun and inexpensive outings for the rest of this summer? We’ve got you covered. If you’re interested in fun events that support culture to add to your summer itinerary, here’s five events that are currently happening in London!

BLACKEATSLDN is the UK’s first food market that solely promotes black-owned businesses ranging from restaurants, skincare, clothing, jewellery and so much more! Opposite Hackney Central station, the bustling market is filled with wonderful businesses and

Closet Confessions is a podcast that you don’t want to miss! — SICKA VISION

Hosted by author and journalist Candice Brathwaite and online personality Sarel, where the charismatic duo are unapologetically and authentically themselves, unashamedly honest, hilarious and speak about pretty much everything and anything which makes it a well-rounded podcast that is enjoyable to their online community.

Closet Confessions was renewed for a second season at the beginning of April, and it came back better than ever for eager listeners who missed these ladies together. The lively

5 Art exhibitions in London that you don’t want to miss this spring! — SICKA VISION

As the days get longer and the weather starts to get warmer, doing fun, wholesome activities in London is starting to become more appealing. Whether you’re interested in fashion, photography, street art or iconic performers, I’m sure that these art exhibitions are for you as these aren’t ones to miss! If you’re looking for something to do this spring, here are five art exhibitions that are showcasing Black artists and Artists of Colour that are currently happening or about to emerge in London:

5 podcasts led by Black women that you should listen to — SICKA VISION

Podcasts can often become a standby companion whilst on your daily commute, keeping you company whilst running errands or even the perfect background noise when making dinner. The podcasts that I usually listen to are released once a week, they accompany me during long commutes and my errands as it makes time go by faster! Whether you’re a fashion and beauty enthusiast, a lover of pop culture or wanting to hear some crazy confessions – here are 5 podcasts led by Black women that you should liste

Autumn skincare must haves!

Now that it’s started to get darker earlier and the hues of golden leaves have scattered onto the pavement, it means that autumn is here!

In the autumnal seasons, I always watch Gilmore Girls and change my skincare routine – it’s unintentionally ritualistic I swear! When the weather gets colder I like to switch to thicker and richer moisturisers, I start applying my lip masks daily, and becoming stricter with applying hydrating serums.

Here are 4 skincare products that I’ve been using this aut

7 trendiest shoes of summer 2022

As the fashionable Carrie Bradshaw said, “when I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.” I have never related more to Bradshaw, I think that any pair of shoes will speak for you before you do.

And just like that… the round up of the trendiest shoes of the summer is here:

Cowboy boots made their long-lasting comeback, and it looks like the western boots are here to stay. I love to wear my vintage cowboy boots with my Peachy Den jumpsuit, my thrifted denim short

Bel Jacobs: From editor to animal rights campaigner —

Can the world of fashion, activism and sustainability co-exist within the same society? Meet former Metro fashion editor-turned-animal rights-and-climate change campaigner, Bel Jacobs who strives to make it happen.

The acclaimed writer joined Metro newspaper at its start in 1999: “I kinda fell into fashion really, I joined Metro newspaper quite close to the beginning and they actually made me shopping editor,” she told us.

“I had to write about everything that was to do with consumption, as th

Is it too late to end toxic fashion culture? — Artefact

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, the rise of fashion influencers has catapulted and many fashion brands have gained success; after some forceful stay-at-home mandates due to Covid restrictions, purchases from fast fashion clothing brands have skyrocketed.

But can we blame this excessive shopping just on our boredom?

The recent COP26 summit amplified online discussions about the damaging nature of fast fashion, as the industry is now the second largest polluter in the world. Fast fash

Leaving island life to live a life-long dream —

Leaving behind your family, friends, and everything you’ve ever known in the midst of a pandemic can be daunting, but not for 19-year-old Jaheim Harry, who’s ready to embark on his new chapter of his life in Portugal.

The sunny islands of Trinidad and Tobago, known for the sweet sounds of steel drums and calypso, as well as its vivacious carnivals, is home for Jaheim.

Ever since he was young, he remembers “waking up early in the mornings to go Mount Irvine beach to play football with my dad –

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